Adam Ainger

Adam Ainger – A Charity Hero!

Adams Charity raising exploits have raised thousands of pounds for various Charities. We were fortunate enough to be selected as lead Charity in Round 1 of Adams competition ‘Last Man Standing’ for season 2012/13. The Trust was given £580 from the competition and we really cannot thank Adam enough!

Adam… you really are a Charity Hero!


About Adam

My Name is Adam Ainger and in October 2010, in preparation for my fund raising efforts for the London Marathon, I was inspired to set up what has become a great football game, Last Man Standing.  I had to raise £2000 for my charity “Get Kids Going” in order to secure my marathon place but felt that that was a big ask relying purely on sponsorship money.

The idea for the competition itself came from a colleague at work and at that time I was anticipating getting a handful of lads together to play but since then the game has got bigger and bigger exceeding all expectations.  It has gone from 85 in game 1 to 361 in game 8 as people like the chance to win a huge prize pot whilst also supporting some fantastic charities. Players have included professional footballers and even managers.

The basic principle of the game is that you pick a different football team to win each week; lose or draw and you’re out.   The numbers gradually whittle until only one player remains, hence the Last Man Standing.  It sounds easy doesn’t it?  A full list of rules is available.

In total, £15,000 has been given out in prize money over 8 games and £7200 has been raised in charity money for some great causes. New players are always welcome as the more people who play will mean more money for great local charities.

The best way to enter the competition is to email me at and I will add you to my email distribution list. I email every participant BEFORE kick off so people know who’s had who. If you haven’t got an email address then don’t worry, you can still play.  It just means you will have to phone or txt me your teams.

Thank you

Adam Ainger