Posted on 08/28/2018

We’re launching our NEW, ongoing, interactive competition and its all about YOU!

It’s not difficult or complicated but instead it encourages you all to use a little imagination whilst helping raise some awareness for the charity.

SO, WHAT IS THE COMPETITION? – It’s simple, we’ve had some EvesTrust “Dream Flags” created that we’d like to see pictured in as many creative, unusual or remarkable places. We challenge YOU to take a flag and picture yourself (holding it of course) in some fantastic or creative places. That could be, at the top of hill in the lakes, on a beach abroad, at a well-known event, at a national landmark or any of the worlds famous backgrounds, it could be with somebody famous……OR you can get creative and arty, it’s completely up to you. Then all you do is share with us your picture, we’ll share with our amazing followers, and at Christmas we’ll ask the group to vote for their winner……It could be you. That winner WILL win a prize for their efforts.

What do you do? Big thank you to Bang Bang Romeo for the pic at Kendall calling.

  • * Email us at info@evestrust.co.uk to request a flag and let us know of your intentions
  • * Take a picture (keep it clean but be as imaginative and creative as you like)
  • * Send the picture to us, at the email above or via the charity Facebook group DM (feel free to share on your own pages as well)
  • * Return the flag to us so it can continue on its journeys

So that’s it, do you have any ideas already? You don’t have to travel, it could be something creative right here. Rack your brains, are you going anywhere soon? Do you have upcoming plans…..

Good Luck and happy snapping

#DreamMakers #DreamFlagTravels??

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