Sponsor our charity

Sponsoring Our Charity

Holding or participating in a sponsored event is a fantastic way to raise funds and also get attention for our charitable cause. Every year there are thousands of events you can take part in, or create your own. Here are some popular ideas:

  • Run, bike, walk or swim; marathons, half-marathons, 5Ks, 10Ks and cross-country routes are the most popular
  • Sponsored head shave, wax or hair dye
  • Sponsored baked bean bath, custard bath, or oatmeal boots

When you do a sponsored event, take care in planning your donations. Collect either flat donation amounts or pledges based on how much you do (such as distance travelled). If you do the latter, it’s important to set achievable goals to avoid disappointment!

And remember… always give yourself plenty of time to plan your event

Themed Charity Fundraising Event

Holding a charity fundraising event can raise significant fundraising money for your charity.

Like sponsored events, get creative in planning an event that will represent our charity well and bring in lots of money for our cause. For example, you can hold a pink-themed fancy dress ball for fundraising, or a sponsored dog walk etc. Theme your fundraising ideas and make them memorable!

Charity Collections at Home, Work and School

Collections are perhaps the most popular way to fundraise for charities. Charity collections can be done several different ways:

  • Bucket collection – Collect cash donations at school, work or on the high street. Make sure you have permission from the trust to collect on their behalf, have pamphlets available for anyone who wants more information. Also please be aware of local authorities guidelines to ensure proper procedure will be met.
  • Clothing collection – Pass around plastic bags in your neighbourhood and ask for donations of unwanted clothing. These donations can then be sold in charity shops, or given to a recycling firm who will pay you based on the weight of the clothing donated.

Remember to keep the trust informed about what you’re doing. They will be able to help you with your fundraising efforts by providing information, support and possibly even publicity for your cause, so don’t overlook this step.

Maybe you have your own ideas but if you would like any more information on how you can raise funds for the Eve Merton Dreams Trust, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

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