??Community Clean Up 2019??

Posted on 03/13/2019

We’re keen to ensure that EvesTrust is not just about making Dreams come true for local Cancer patients, we also aim to make a difference in our community, bring people and families together and make our local area great again.

In connection with Ecoffciency Ltd, we’re looking to hold a monthly “Community Clean Up”. We will be doing a different location in the town each month, that will hopefully include as many local people and families, coming together to make a difference in the area we live. Doncaster has had some bad press recently, but through our charity we have seen the true heart and soul of real people in our town.

The first clean up day is Saturday 23rd February, location Sprotbrough, 9-11.30am. If you’d like to help clean up our community, simply by donating a little bit of your time, please message us direct or email info@evestrust.co.uk. Are you part of a local group or society that would like to come together and help? Are you and your family looking to do your bit and get your hands dirty? Every little bit helps

We’d also like to that this opportunity to thank www.bubbledesign.co.uk for their assistance in creating the graphics for our project.
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