£25,000 Aviva Grant Winners!

Posted on 08/17/2017


Around 10:45 this morning, the 10th January 2017, we discovered that the charity had been selected as a winner for the £25,000 Aviva Insurance Grant. That money will allow us to fulfil the project we had put forward “Eve Merton’s Caravan of Dreams”, and potentially help bring a smile to dozens of Doncaster based families. THANKS TO YOU!!!

The project and idea was never about over extending our barriers and making everything a 5* Dream. The Caravan of Dreams is about more than that, its about providing a family currently fighting the symptoms, negativity and emotional strain that comes with Cancer and giving them an outlet. Somewhere condition friendly in terms of travel, where a family can come together, create some lasting memories and for a very brief period of time put the word Cancer to the back of their minds. That is also true for the families less fortunate that might need the time and space to unite in their shared grief, somewhere to just get away from the same four walls……a break.

THANK YOU – We must once again thank the amazing people of ONECALL INSURANCE. It was their application which lead to our project being selected by Aviva. They have supported us for the last 3 years and are very much part of the EvesTrust family, from the staff to the directors they are a special company that have showed a rare quality…..a desire to help a LOCAL charity and LOCAL people! If you add this to the £66,619 they’ve personally raised then they are now responsible for generating £91,619 for the charity……WOW

FINALLY – Last but by no means least, we must thank EVERYONE OF YOU! Your votes made this possible. Our final votes total stood at a massive 18,104 which is truly remarkable. We’ve always said without you there is no EvesTrust. We may commit the time and put together the Dreams, but it’s your fundraising, your support and your on-going efforts that make all of that, and this grant, a possibility. Something I know mum (Eve Merton), despite being extremely embarrassed that it bears her name, would be overwhelmed with pride that we have all done something so special, together.

Thank You again, well done to us all and may we all have a fantastic 2017 xXx

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