An Indian Adventure

Posted on 08/11/2017


As we grow as a charity we come in contact with some amazing people. Obviously lots of which are part of the dreams that we’re lucky enough to help with, but there’s also a collection of amazing people that want to put their selves to the test for the benefit of others. Being a local charity the only way we can survive is with the support of the community and in this case one Doncaster resident has certainly gone the extra mile or 3000.

This is the story of Tony and Richards adventure for charity

After raising small amounts for various charities (including Eves trust a couple of years ago) myself and Richard Isle decided to organize a low key charity motorcycle ride across India.

It was decided to split the proceeds between two worthy causes, Richard chose the Cystic Fibrosis trust as his daughter Sharon Isle is Godmother to two young children who both suffer from the condition. I chose Eves trust again as it’s such a great local Doncaster charity.

As two independent travelers we organized a loose itinerary which would last the best part of 21 days and take us north through various regions of India towards the Pakistan border and then head across the Northern states towards Nepal before riding across the widest part of India from East to West ending our journey in Goa after covering a total of 5120km.

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The distance covered doesn’t sound too difficult until you factor in the Indian road system and the craziest road users in the world. There were many close shaves along the way including run ins with packs of stray dogs, death wish cows, fearless monkeys and the Indian road users/pedestrians who have no sense of self preservation. This lead to us riding around 12 hours pretty much non-stop most days and only covering in the region of 200 miles!

After a number of events organized by myself, my long suffering wife Gill and Richards daughter Sharon Isle we had managed to raise over £2500, all of which was split equally between the two charities. The most notable events were the raffle held in the studio, a fundraising night held at Bentley top club and various activities organized by Sharon at her work within the Kingthorne practice.

So special thanks to everyone who contributed especially Bentley top club and the Kingthorne practice.


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