Creating Extra Smiles

Posted on 03/25/2021

“Favourite Things” artwork by Harmonic Arts.


The Amazing Keri Haywood of “Harmonic Arts” has agreed to come of board with the charity to help provide an amazing personalised addition to our Dreams experience. Additional to that, Keri’s personalised artwork will also be available for purchase, with each transaction making a donation to the charity. Here is a little more about Keri and the reasons behind our new partnership:


“I started doing Dreams for the charity a few months back, after I’d gifted a piece for Martin’s wedding (co. Founder) and Clynton had seen more pieces I’d done for friends and family. I jumped at the opportunity to work alongside a charity close to my heart, that supports people in such an amazing way.

After losing my own dad, who was an amazing harmonic player and singer, to terminal Cancer back in December last year, it only seemed right that I name my artwork with him in mind. So, I named it “Harmonic Arts”.

I’ve now teamed up with EvesTrust to produce “Favourite Things” pictures, as part of their “Dreams” experience. The pieces will be personalised to the people the charity is taking care of. I ask for 30 things that the Dream recipient and their family love and I personalise that piece to them.

I chose this charity because I wish now, that at the time in my life in which I needed an outlet, a last dream for my dad, there was an “EvesTrust” local to us. They do such amazing work and put smiles on so many peoples face, they make Dreams come true. It is priceless to know that my artwork will go to somebody so deserving, so strong, so willing to live life, but have been dealt a rubbish hand. Dreams are made to be lived, persuade, and believed are possible. Its only right we give people that chance”


We know Keri’s artwork will put a smile on the face of so many, for years to come. Her story is a familiar one, having lost an amazing father, who doubled as a best friend, she’s excited to turn that sadness into something positive for others. EvesTrust was founded on such a similar starting point and emotion and we’re proud to be associated with Keri and the memory of the amazing Farnham Haywood, “Harmonic Arts”


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