Dragon Boat Race 2019

Posted on 07/16/2019

Happy 8th Birthday EvesTrust

The Dragon Boat will always be special to the charity as EvesTrust was launched there in 2011. In fact it was with money that Eve Merton left in her final will that the family paid to enter our original team, “EMDT TEAM WEEVAL”. That team being named after a loving nickname given to her by family. So Eve herself has always been very much part of the event despite never having the chance to personally attend.

This year “EMDT TEAM WEEVAL” was joined by 3 other teams representing the charity, “EMDT TEAM OOOOOSSSSHHH”, “EMDT RAMPTON RAIDERS” and “EMDT EVES RACEY ROWERS”.

2019 was another successful year with both Rampton Raiders and Eves Racey Rowers winning their 3rd titles. However it was another year where the charity gets to enjoy a much needed relax day. We raise awareness for the charity but we enjoy the day as a family day. We laugh, we relax and we cheer on each of our teams and support all of our rowers giving their time and making maximum effort.

Both Team Weeval & Team Oooooossshhh  would also made the final top 10 from the 33 entrants in event with Team Weeval only missing the final by a narrow Semi-Final defeat.

So as we celebrated our birthday, we’d like thank all our participants and all of the families and followers who came to cheer us on. EvesTrust is a family and the Dragon Boat will always be our family day. Special mention and thanks to Visit Doncaster Gable Events and Rotary Club of Doncaster, UK

Thank you and on to next year x


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