When Love Fights Back

One of the hardest things about Cancer can be the feeling that its cutting short your Dreams, your plans, your life together. Its impossible to plan for this kind of thing, and as much as you want to do all the things you want to do, sometimes those things are delayed as your planning a whole life together. Dreams like this are amazing, we get to be a part of help 2 people commit to each other in the name of love, in the face of there up coming battles. Below is a real story:

“My name is Debbie Fletcher and this is our story. Firstly, we would like to thank EvesTrust for helping our special day come true.

Chris and I have been together for 8 years and were due to marry in June 2020. However in May we learnt the devastating news that Chris has terminal lung cancer and our world was ripped from under us. Despite being together 8 years we had only just started living together so felt very cheated. As we tried to come to terms with the diagnosis one thing we knew for certain was we wanted to marry as soon as possible, cement our love for one another and make the most of whatever time we have left. Our dream then became to get married as soon as possible. We were then told about EvesTrust and how they can help people’s dreams come true. After a referral by “New Beginnings”, the EvesTrust Dreams co-ordinator Clynton, contacted me to offer support. I was very humbled to hear of the help available from arranging a wedding to funding photography. As much of the wedding was already in hand due to the love and support of our family, Clynton offered to fund what was remaining, to ensure the day was a special one. The venue at Holiday Inn, Doncaster was made to look so beautiful, the cake was fantastic. Thank you so much to Clinton and the EvesTrust charity. There is support out there and people who are willing to help. Thanks to them, Memories have now been made and will be cherished forever xx”

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