Adrian Thomas and Family

Adrian's family picture

A Dream for the New Year – A Family picture to Remember forever

Adrian Thomas is a family man who in April 2013 was diagnosed with a rare type of thymus gland Cancer by the name of Thymic Carcinoma. Dealing with the news and all that it entailed was never going to be easy but as a family they looked to tackle it head on. Unfortunately when they should have been planning for Christmas and the New Year, Adrian and his family were dealt another heart-breaking blow that the Cancer had aggressively metastasise and become terminal. After hearing the news, and being a close knit family that was unfortunately not big on taking photos, Adrian was determined to get the family together and do something they could all treasure for years to come.

To help make this modest Dream come true, Susan (Adrian’s daughter) contacted our team at the Trust and together with the fantastic people at Studio32 we were able to get all the family together and arrange the shoot that Adrian so desperately wanted. So on Saturday 28th December Adrian, determined and battling the effects of his latest round of Chemo, joined his parents, his wife, his 3 children & their families, for a fantastic, personal family photo-shoot that, along with the photographs, will live in the memory for all who were there….


A message from Adrian’s daughter, Sarah:

Thank you so much for the photo-shoot you did for us on Saturday 28th December.
When we was given the news that our dads cancer had spread it devastated our family, he was given 3 months to live on the 28th November this year which of course was completely heart breaking!!

Although we have always been a close family we wasn’t one for taking photos, so when we got the news my Dad instantly said he wanted some family photos doing for everyone’s memories.
I contacted the charity and they instantly wanted to help us make this dream come true.
Leading up to the day Dad had gone through some really rough days after his latest chemo treatment but on the morning of the shoot he said he felt fantastic and was really looking forward to the whole experience.

Clynton and Glynne were absolutely amazing, so helpful and patient with us all, Glynne (charity photographer from Studio32) made us feel very welcome!

Thank you soooo much for doing this for my Dad, he is really looking forward to seeing the photos.

Thanks again

Sarah xx

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