A Dream Wedding

A little while ago we were tagged into an online plea by one of the charities followers. That request was to help a sister enjoy her special day and make it the most memorable it possibly could be. Linda was set to get married but the strains and struggles that come with managing this condition was making things difficult. Sadly there was also more to Linda’s story as she had already lost a sister to Cancer, meaning Linda’s mother was looking at the prospect of losing 2 daughters. Touched by the story and thanks to our local followers who tagged us into this plea, we were able to make contact and assist where it was requested, making it a truly special day for Linda and everyone involved.

This message is from Linda’s sister Pauline:

My mum and I would like to thank the guys at Eve Merton Dreams Trust from the bottom of our hearts. The kind donation has helped us put a smile on Linda’s face that was amazing to see. For my mother to lose one daughter is bad enough but the prospect of two is cruel. For me, two sisters is something you simply cannot prepare for and do not expect. Eve Merton has helped give our family the strength to carry on in the days ahead and words simply do not seem enough.

Unfortunately Linda does not seem to have long but I’m sure she’d agree with me when I say, we’d like to give everybody out there who is going through the evil of Cancer our love. Then for those who have family members that are currently suffering, Eve Merton can help take some of the sadness away. Linda was, an still is, a kind hearted soul that is unfortunately suffering with brain cancer, but in the face of that ,we are still a small but loving family. Linda loves Bridlington and our dream is to take her back for a few days, or potentially bring Bridlington to her.

Thank you EvesTrust x

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