A Family United in a Dream

💚💖 A Family United in a Dream 💚💖

Below you will read the story and Dream of Matthew King and his family. Their struggle and ultimate wish to share some quality time together.
Over the last couple of years, the charity has tried to highlight the unseen battle that comes along with a Cancer diagnosis and the following treatment. The mental impact for the whole family is every bit as challenging as the physical one for the patient. We’ve tried the highlight the importance that our Dreams can have, to help fight the onset of post diagnosis PTSD and allow the family a break from there day to day struggles. This is a real story where the Dream may seem day to day, but the impact it can have is a real one. This is Matthews story

I’m unsure where I start here, I was diagnosed with leukaemia in February and I am currently still in hospital recovering at the time of writing this. They are hoping to get me home by the end of next week, for a week, before I start chemo again, I’m being told I will need 3 rounds minimum but there is a chance it could be 6.

I am a 34-year-old male with a young family who are struggling with my condition and the impact that comes with me being in hospital or treatment. My request to the charity was mainly for my wife, she has been a rock, she’s part time with two girls. She is doing the school runs back and forth running the house etc coming to see me every day and it all takes its toll; this illness impacts everyone that comes close to it. I’m just unsure where to turn to help my wife while I’m stuck in hospital for the next 6 months, it’s constantly on my mind.

For me, the only thing at moment is concentrating on my mental strength, to get through this. Its hard to come to terms with, the day to day stuff that people take for granted all the time. Last month I was working, playing golf, riding to work, just doing things that a normal person would do….then Boom, my life has been turned upside down.
But I’m being taken care of by the nurses, my wife is the one doing with all the stress. Our two children, work, coming out here to see me, looking after the house and everything that comes along with that. It’s the unspoken struggle that you don’t see in the Cancer awareness ads or the stories you see on TV. My wife, she hides it so well and I know she doesn’t want to show it while I’m here, but I see it, I cannot express how much I love her.

My sole dream now is not for me, it is just for the wife and kids to be happy, they are the ones missing out on things at the moment, especially the kids.
A couple of years we booked a caravan holiday in Blackpool and It was one of the best times we ever had as a family. So, I was over the moon when EvesTrust told me they were sending us to their amazing Caravan of Dreams.

I cannot thank EvesTrust enough for allowing me and my family to enjoy the caravan for the week.
My story over the last year can only be described as a rollercoaster at fantasy island. Up and down with plenty of twists and turns but your generosity has given us all the welcome break we needed. A chance to take a mental break and focus on just us.
Thank you so much from me and the family xXx
#DreamMaker 💚💖

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