Curtis is 16, an avid sports lover, a keen and talented footballer and fanatic. He has always been athletic, active, fun-loving and brimming with energy and positivity. Recently Curtis was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, a fast acting and aggressive type of blood cancer. He has started battling, and is currently undergoing intensive chemotherapy. However, he still maintains his unbelievably strong, positive, charming and loving attitude, he is truly inspirational. In the last few weeks, Curtis has had to face so many things that he, and his family, never thought he would. He has made decisions beyond his years, handled pain like a warrior, and coped with this better than anyone could ever imagine.

Huge Support for Curtis

He has been bombarded with messages and well wishes over text and social media, and is obviously overwhelmed by the amount of support he is receiving. At first, Curtis found it difficult to reply to the abundance of supporters he had, but now he is finding his feet during his treatment he has begun sending thank you messages left right and centre. However, his mobile phone is not an amazing one. Curtis has never had a top of the range phone, unlike many teenagers his age, simply because his parents could not afford one. His current phone is slow and hard to use, especially in the case of sending so many thankyou messages. As a family unit, we decided that we wanted to get Curtis a brand new phone, with excellent signal and data speed so that he can not only send messages with ease, but he can play games, watch videos and generally curb his imminent boredom during his treatment in hospital, making his time on chemotherapy just that little bit easier. However, the expenses of hospital parking, travel costs and purchases to make Curtis as comfortable as he can be have made extra costs like these an obstacle. However, the Eve Merton dreams trust has made this possible, enabling Curtis to receive a new Samsung phone thanks to their amazing charity and donations. We are all extremely grateful to Sarah Maye also for approaching the family with the charity and the help in making Curts’ dream come true. Thank you so much. 

From Curtis:

Wow! I was speechless to be given such an incredible gift, my new Samsung Galaxy S7! 

It’s the newest and best phone out there and to be presented with this is mind-blowing! 

A massive thank you to EvesTrust for setting this up and giving me such an amazing gift, I am so overwhelmed!

The work they do for fellow cancer patients is beautiful and will definitely put a smile on any patients face, for a charity like this, to do the things they do is sensational! Their recognition should be through the roof with support,  as it is a fantastic set up! 

I will definitely like to help out in the near future, to assist in any way I can to raise funds for Eves trust,  so dreams can be made possible for other people fighting cancer. 

I will look towards helping out with fundraising and events. no one has to fight Cancer alone. Not only would it make me feel great to give back,  it would give me a chance to help them get through probably the worst challenge anyone has to go through in life. But together with the support and help from charities, we can beat Cancer sooner! Let’s beat it together!

Thank you EvesTrust for my incredible gift and visit. 

I love it! and won’t ever forget what you have done for me! YNWA! 

Curtis Allen x

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