A Mother and a Daughter’s Wedding Dream

Amy Bradshaw was all set to get married to the man of her Dreams.


After years of mentally planning the day and always intending her mother, Alison, to walk her down the aisle and give her away, it was hugely important for her mother to be able to share this magical moment and despite her illness, know and see the happiest day of Amy’s life. The story is a true mother and daughter story that I’m sure every lady out there can relate to.

Please read the story, told by Amy (daughter) and imagine those feelings during that special time.

Amy's Wedding Dream“Ever since I was a little girl I’d dreamt about my perfect day and always wanted my mum to be the one to walk me down the aisle, to be there with me every step of the way.

When Daley proposed I couldn’t wait to start planning my wedding with my mum, looking at dresses, choosing the flowers and everything a daughter and mother dream of doing together. Then in September she became very ill and after long stays in hospital and a number of tests we found out she had a brain tumour and had to undergo surgery to remove as much as possible.

During surgery they managed to remove 80% of the tumour and said the rest would be managed with treatment.

She got married herself in November and was promised she would have a number Of happily married years together. This made me extremely excited, I couldn’t wait for us to start organising mine.

However, unexpectedly, my mum took a turn for the worse and things were not looking too good. At that point she was given a maximum of 3 days to live. Obviously the whole family were in pieces, but, my mum being the fighter she always has been, she fought through those three days and came out on top. This made both me and my mum realise that things needed to happen sooner rather than later as my mum was desperate to see me get married and share the happiest day of my life.

As a family we decided we needed to bring the wedding forward to make sure she could be there, it goes without saying we knew that would be a massive struggle.

That’s when a friend told us about The Eve Merton’s Dreams Trust and sent off the application for our dream. The charity and everyone who helped were absolutely amazing and made our day so special.

Amy's Wedding Photo

I personally couldn’t be more glad that my mum, my best friend and my rock, was able to walk me down the aisle as we had always talked about. Seeing her smile after everything she has been through was just the icing on the cake. Thank you to Shiree and everyone at the Eve Merton’s Dreams Trust for giving me the chance to share the best, the happiest and most memorable day of our lives with my mum, you made my / her dream come true xxx”

Alison is currently going through a tough battle at the moment and all our thoughts are with her during this fight. We at the charity can only hope the memories of sharing Amy’s special day will give her some comfort x



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