A Smile Says it All

The support that we provide as a charity is not always about realising lifelong Dreams or even providing once in a lifetime opportunities. Some times its just about those moments or gestures that can make somebody smile or provide them with those moments of happiness that can be so key.

Over the last 8 years, since the charity started helping people in our local community, we have found that sometimes it’s the little things that can be the most important. They can be things that most of us take for granted every day, but in these moments of treatment and facing up to the realities of Cancer, they can be what makes a real difference.

Hazel Roberts is a local woman and mother who has always loved spending time in her garden. However, since her husband sadly passed away in 2008, her beloved garden has become a little neglected and weathered with time. He was the gardener of the two.
Hazel was diagnosed with BreastvCancer in October 2018 and is currently receiving treatment that will be ongoing for a number of years. On receiving the Dream request for Hazel we set about turning her once loved garden into a space she could once again enjoy relax in. We set about the challenge, recruited some support from local people such as bobby BZ Fencing and Aggregates who provided the labour for free for Hazels Dream makeover. Hazels daughter said, “After Dad passed away 2008 Mum has been on her own so the garden obviously got neglected. So when the guys from Eve Merton came to do it, it truly made her day. She’s also got a chair swing that she’s always wanted. We cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful things you do”.

Again, many of us may take the moments we relax in our garden for granted, something we all do day to day, but in this instance it provides a lovely local woman a lift. That’s something Hazel can enjoy throughout her treatment and give her moments to relax and forget about everything else that comes with Cancer.
To see, how much that can mean, please let Hazels smile do the talking. We would also like to thank the The Doncaster Cancer Support drop In Centre who payed for and made the flower planters.

It’s the support of our fundraisers and loyal followers that allow us to make moments like this a reality. Thank You to you all x
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