Alexs Dream

Earlier in the year the EvesTrust team was introduced to a beautiful smiley 8yr year girl with a real lust for life, that inspirational little lady was Alex. In June Alex’s family were dealt the heartbreaking news that tests had discovered an aggressive brain tumor which they believe to be inoperable. Estimations would allow for just 6 months with the option of treatment only giving a 1% chance of success. Facing that devastating news they were left the type of grueling decision that everybody in the world fears when talking about their 8yr old little girl. That decision was to not put Alex through the inevitable side effects that would come with that treatment and instead try and fulfil that last 6 months with so much happiness and smiles that each of them would forever cherish.

Quality Family Time

This is where we came in. The dream was to be able to take Alex away on holiday and enjoy some real fun and quality time as a family. To laugh and play games, to swim and ride bikes, the type of things we all take for granted in our day to day lives but activities Alex would love and as a family they could put the thought of Cancer to the back of their minds for just a split second. So with the help of the amazing people of ONECALL INSURANCE we went about trying to put together a best holiday package we could. Naturally due to restrictions in terms of insurances and the costs needing to be above our usual budget, the people of OneCall stepped in to use some of the funds they’d been raising to provide one of their special dreams.

A Guaranteed Giggle!

So it was booked, Alex and her family would be going to Centre Parcs, home of the guaranteed fun and multiple activities for all. We arranged to have them put up in luxury cabin with Jacuzzi which were told was a huge hit with everyone. From there they enjoyed Archery, bike rides around the woodlands and of course swimming, were told Alex would take maximum advantage of the water shoots available which always guaranteed a giggle! We provided them with vouchers to cover the costs of all and any activities they wished to take part in as well as all the evenings dining choices. On Sunday we arranged for a special family photo shoot, something that Alex in particular relished in as she was directing proceedings and ensuring she got all the photos she desired. Alex is a fun loving girl who always loved to be the center of attention so the photo shoot really gave her the opportunity to enjoy the moment.

Before the family went away we wanted to team up with our charity friends at Aurora and give them a full pamper day as well as their own personal shopper at Debenhams. Just a little something so the family could travel in style and Alex could have the choice of outfits to take with her on holiday.

 A Relaxing Trip

All in all the Dream was a success and most importantly a trip that Alex was able to relax and thoroughly enjoy. Our thoughts and support will remain with Alex and her family as we know she will be brave and always try her best to smile, hopefully this Dream will give her some fun memories to keep with her as she continues her fight. 

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