The below Dream story was brought to us during the COVID-19 lockdown and highlights how Love, Memories and Smiles can make a real difference, no matter what is happening around us. Cancer and other health concerns have not stopped due to coronavirus and the need for charities such as ours has not decreased. Please read the below true story of a loving couple who just wanted to get married and dedicate themselves to each other. Luckily for us, we were able to play a small part in their happy day:


“During Natalie’s 2nd pregnancy in 2016 she unfortunately became unwell which was put down to pregnancy after birth, sadly her health deteriorated and was diagnosed with vertigo. Nat continued to go downhill, and her mum pushed her to see a neurologist. After a long wait, Nat was seen by a consultant and admitted for tests. The doctors would eventually come back with diagnosis of primary auto immune cerebellum ataxia. 

The months would pass and I’m sad to say Nat would continue to deteriorate (pulmonary embolism) and doctors would add a diagnoses celiac disease + Sarcoidosis (which sees inflammatory cells beginning in the lungs skin or lymph nodes, generally going on to impact any major organ). Nat was put on high steroids to combat this but was still seeing no improvement.

Following this process Nat was later called into the hospital and given the devastating news that she had stage 4 medulloblastoma, which at the time felt like a major kick while we were already down.  


All Nat and I wanted was to be a happy family, be married and declare our love for each other. Nothing else could feel more natural or important, despite everything that was going on around us. Even though we had the option to have our relationship blessed in hospital, we succeeded in getting a special license to marry at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Nat was determined not to have to get married sitting on our sofa. This is where Evestrust would get involved after being contacted by a 3rd party. Nat required a special wheelchair as the cancer had spread to her spine and left her unable to use a normal style chair. During lockdown, obtaining the required chair was not only hard to find but also hard to finance. We just needed it to be loaned to help us make our day that little bit special. Evestrust were quickly in contact as sadly we were battling a prognosis of weeks rather than months, so time was very much of the essence. The charity did everything they said they would and added the final touches we required. The special wheelchair they provided enabled Natalie to mouth her vows in front on our French doors, with all of our family members viewing from the garden (in line with socially distancing). 


Those moments gave us ALL memories that will last forever. Our 2 little boys got to see the love and dedication we have for each other and despite all the obstacles, our love would find a way. I’m sure in years to come when they will be old enough to understand everything that has happened over the last few years, but for now, seeing their smiles matching our own……was a magical experience and memory. 

We cannot thank Evetrust enough for helping to add that final piece to our day, something that may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but ultimately made such a huge difference xXx”


#DreamMakers #StaySafe

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