Allison’s Hot Tub Dream

In the heart of life’s trials, where hope flickers like a guiding star, lies the inspiring tale of a cancer warrior who found solace and strength through the power of a dream. This is the story of a break in Cottingham, in a cozy lodge adorned with a hot tub, a cherished respite from the challenges of cancer, all made possible by the incredible generosity of Evestrust.

I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in March 2022 and had a mastectomy in June. This was followed up by chemo and radiotherapy, finishing all treatment in February of this year. Adele, from Evestrust, came into my life like a ray of sunshine, sharing the news about this remarkable charity that grants dreams to those facing the darkest of days. With my wish approved by the compassionate Clynton, Adele set about weaving the magic that would make my dream a reality. I longed for a break with a hot tub, a chance to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my partner, who stood as my unwavering rock throughout this arduous journey.

The anticipation grew as the days drew nearer to our much-awaited escape. Finally, the moment arrived, and we found ourselves nestled in a charming log cabin in Cottingham, a tranquil haven where worries seemed to drift away. The accommodation was immaculate, offering a perfect sanctuary for relaxation. Its prime location opened the doors to an array of activities, from exploring the captivating streets of Hull to venturing to the coastal beauty of Bridlington and the historical charm of York.

In the warmth of the bubbling hot tub, I felt a sense of renewal washing over me, a gentle reminder that life can still be filled with joy and tranquility even in the face of adversity. This dream became a heartfelt gesture of gratitude to my partner, who selflessly dedicated countless hours to support us during my challenging journey. 

The impact of Evestrust and its unwavering commitment to granting dreams is immeasurable. Through their compassionate work, they create moments of respite and joy, breathing life into the spirits of those enduring the toughest of times. To them, I offer my deepest thanks, for in the gift of this break, they ignited a spark of hope that will forever brighten the path of my cancer journey.

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