Barry with family

A family request for a photo-shoot to cherish forever

Barry Croxhall’s family had always hoped to have a professional family photo-shoot so they could cherish some family photos for years to come. Barry was never really a big one for being in photographs which left the family very little captured memories. After Barry was diagnosed with a terminal Lung Cancer condition, this wish became even more important. After contacting the Trusts Media Director Glynne Harrison on a professional basis, Glynne directed the request to the charity. We were more than happy to help and fully understood the request on a personal level. Eve herself had professional family pics done just before her condition was realised, they too are now prized possessions and important memories to the family.

The photo-shoot went well and all the family enjoyed the experience of everything involved, especially the end product which the Trust was more than happy to provide. Sadly, shortly after the photo-shoot on August 15th 2013, Barry lost his battle with Cancer. All our thoughts are, and will be forever be, with Barry’s family and we deeply hope the small part we played managed to give Barry something to smile about during a time of struggle and gives the Croxall family some cherished memories.

A Tribute From Dianne Croxhall

The smile you see in the pictures says it all. He enjoyed life to the full and he took each day as it came. He was a man who always liked to have fun and loved to have his children and grandchildren around him. He enjoyed reading his horror books, going for walks and going on holidays. Nothing seemed to faze Barry, not even when he was told he had lung cancer and because of that determination he gave it one hell of a fight to live, no matter what it threw at him. Throughout Barry’s life he has had to deal with one thing after another, epilepsy, asthma, he was deaf in his right ear and partially deaf in left but he would never let any of that stop him living his life to the fullest. Nothing would ever get him down for long and he never gave up. I am so very proud of my husband and will forever love him with all my heart. Sadly Barry passed away on the 15th of August so suddenly. He will be sadly missed by all his family.

We as a family must say a huge thank you to everybody at Eve’s Trust for our photo session and the pictures they provided for us. My husband did manage to see the collection before he passed and loved them all. I think you can tell from the pictures that despite everything, he had a lot of fun taking part in the photo shoot itself.

Thank you so much x

Barry Croxhall – Forever Remembered

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