Connor Meets His Heroes

A message from Connor’s parents.

Before Connor was diagnosed he was football mad, he lived, breathed and slept football so when he was diagnosed it was a huge blow.

Instead he had to turn his hand to school work which he did well with only 54% attendance he walked out of his exams with 2-B’s 5-C’s and 1 D

He had just started getting back on track and back to playing football. He’d started his A levels when he got the news he had relapsed, the news came as a another huge blow. We’ve seen him at his lowest and we knew what he had to go through. Again it broke him but as usual Connor fought it, he doesn’t like losing so it wasn’t an option to him.

When we asked him what was the one thing he would like to do the most, a real dream, he said he’d love to meet the Man Utd players but it seemed it was like mission impossible.

Then we got told about the Eve Merton Dreams Trust from someone at the hospital and we thought we’d give it a shot.

They told us to leave it with them and they really came through for us, Connor got to meet his heroes and it has been the most amazing experience ever x


Connor, 17 was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic Leukaemia) on 5th August 2013, went into maintenance March 2014 then relapsed in his spinal fluid in September 2014, the only option was a bone marrow transplant which was donated by his younger brother x


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