A Dream for a New Year

A Dream for a New Year

Just before Christmas the charity was challenged to complete a time sensitive dream for a Balby resident that would include her and a family of 26. We wanted to do all we could. This is the story of a magical New Year’s Eve Dream in their own words.


My name is Janetha shillito, I’m a 47 year old district nurse, divorced with 3 children. My story starts just 2 days after my 47th birthday when I was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Unfortunately due to its-advanced stage and the tumours that had been discovered in my liver, it meant the hospital would only be able to provide palliative care (end of life care).

I started chemotherapy almost immediately and seem to be responding well. The side effects however are worse, but to me it’s worth it if it means I can spend more quality time with my family.


The first time I knew about The Eve Merton Dreams Trust was when I was contacted by Claire, one of the volunteers at the trust. She explained that my work colleague had nominated me to receive a dream for my family and I. To say I was amazed would be an understatement, mainly as I had no idea such charities exist, especially for just a normal person like me.

My family is extensive but the charity were adamant I didn’t need to worry about the numbers or the fine details, which amazed me. Claire was always so kind and I know she was fighting all the way to make my dream come to life. She texted me daily to keep me updated and ended up more like a friend than a charity worker. Later in the process I was then introduced to Clynton, who is one of the charities founders. He came to my home and introduced himself to my family and I. Clynton was wonderful and explained that everyone had worked very hard to make this Dream a reality and those efforts had successfully located a house large enough to accommodate all my 26 family members. He then apologised as the booking was only for 2 nights but it was for over New Year’s Eve!! I couldn’t believe Clynton was apologising to me for a 2 night stay. I was amazed that my family and I had been nominated in the first place but the fact, considering our circumstances, we now had a chance to all be together for New Year at a magical location was so overwhelming.

Clynton explained the charity had worked continuously with the people of OneCall Insurance and it would be funds raised by their staff that would make this dream possible. It was very humbling experience knowing so many people were working for us. It’s something I shall never ever forget and my family will always remember.

Clynton then showed us where we’d be staying, we couldn’t believe it, It was a millionaires house, it was unbelievable! It had a movie room, hot tub, amazing views from every window, a games room and every bedroom had a balcony, it was more than I could have hope for or ever imagined.

We arrived at the property on the 31/12/2017 and were greeted by the owners Andy and Louise who were just a wonderful couple, they showed us round the property and had personally chosen a beautiful room for me with a balcony. They explained the sunsets and sunrises were the best from this room and I have to admit, after sitting in bed drinking coffee with my cousin watching them both they were not wrong, it was a special moment that will stay with me through everything to come.


During this New Year’s break I have made so many memories over the 2 nights I could not express them all to you. Observing my family while they laughed and enjoyed being with each other, sharing tales, remembering family members who were no longer with us and just spending some quality time together was just perfect. I kept telling my children “now we are making memories” and although they get upset when I say it, they definitely understand.

The Eve Merton dreams trust is just an amazing charity the fact it’s a non-profit charity that is run by Doncaster people for normal Doncaster people like me is incredible. This wonderful charity enabled my family and I to create memories which I will never forget and neither will my family. I cannot tell you how very grateful we are to have been nominated and to have had the experience and precious time together.

My final Plea to you is to continue to raise money for EvesTrust so more dreams like mine can be answered and wishes granted. From the bottom of my heart I can honestly say that those who are receiving the dreams and wishes are so very very grateful.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Janetha Macfarlane Shillito & Family xxx

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