DREAM WRITE UP: John Greaves

Family Time is Priceless 

Please read the below Dream write up, written in the words of a loving family member of John Greaves. It highlights what can be important is the moments and memories you can cherish. A Dream to a patient or family can be anything, just something that little bit special that can make you smile, during the time you’re surrounded by such negative news or treatment. They say a picture can speak a thousand words and we aim for those moments to make a real difference.

This is John Greaves story:

“John was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011 and although they could not remove or cure the cancer, radiotherapy did help to keep it at bay.

John is a fun-loving proud family man, who would do anything for any one of his Children, their partners, and grandchildren, in fact every single member of his family. He is very well known around Doncaster from his days working the doors in town with his brother. He is such a character that when you meet him, you’ll never forget you have. He is also known from the darts scene in Doncaster playing the Bob Nelis cup for many years along with his Father, brother, sons as well as his niece and nephew.

Sadly, on Weds 4th August John was taken to DRI with a suspected stroke, however further tests confirmed that this was in fact a Brain tumour, and more tests would be required. On Friday 6th August John called all his family together to give us the devastating news, that the cancer had spread not only to his brain but to all his major organs, and his time with us was now very limited, with the doctors telling us just 4 months.

Once the shock of the news subsided a little, the one thing we all asked John was, is there anything you would like to do? All John wanted was time with his family, maybe a day out together on the beach, making memories in one of his favourite spots, Filey, North Yorkshire. I mentioned this to a very dear friend of mine who would later contact Evestrust.

I could not believe that Evestrust arranged for 50 (Yes 50 of us) to have a day on the beach and also arranged for a photographer to be present to take photos of the day, meaning those precious memories could be cherished by each and every one of us, forever. The trust understood it was those little things that can make a moment special, the little extras that seem so unremarkable to most but massive to us. One of those things is they made sure we ALL had fish and chips on the seafront too, something that Johns always loved doing.

Unfortunately, John has become poorly very quickly but on the day of Filey, the smile on his face just said it all, it lit up the beach. He could not thank my friend or Evestrust enough. John’s youngest daughter is 15 years and I know that this day and the photos will be something that she will hold onto for a lifetime as well as all his partner / Children / grandchildren and get children as well as the rest of the family.

The trust has been amazing, and we cannot thank them enough. What they do is amazing, helping families create the final wishes for people who are suffering the effects of the cancer, not only do they support the person who is affected, but their family also.

Thank you could never truly express how grateful we are to the trust. The Greaves Family xx”

Special thanks go to Wonderful Andy Lynch photography and CJ’s Fish&Chip Restaurant Filey.

Sadly John lost his battle with cancer recently. All our love and condolences go out from the EvesTrust family to yours.xx

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