The Strength in Marriage

The word Cancer can cause us all to take a strong look at ourselves and our family lives. The strength we have together and the Dreams we may share for the future, both distant and what we should not wait to make a reality. The following a story is written by Marks wife:

Nearly a year ago my partner Mark was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Our worlds were turned upside down. We have 2 young children, and we didn’t know what the outcome would be. Our counselor told us about Evestrust, who they were and a little bit about what they do. So I may contact you. It had been our intention, and a dream, to be married, something that was only heightened but the current circumstances. 

Fast forward a few months, we are now husband and wife, thanks to the Evestrust charity. Mark luckily is going to be ok, although he needs an operation to remove his bowel. It’s a life changing operation but thankfully he is still going to be with us, which is of course the main thing. 

As a family we cannot thank Evestrust enough for all their help in making our Dream a reality. Our marriage has given us the extra strength, and positive memories to use in all the fights and struggles ahead. Thank You 

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