A Daughters Smile Lights the World

A Dream comes in many forms, sometimes something elaborate, sometimes something others would think to be more every day, but always defined by the smiles and memories it creates. They can be the greatest thing in the world. The is the story of a mother and wife, Nicola Monaghan:

“My name is Nicola Monaghan, I am 47 years old, married to John for 24 years and we have a 7-year-old daughter Charlotte. 

I am Lead nurse in the accident and Emergency department and worked all through the covid pandemic. At the end of November 2021, I found a lump in my right breast whilst having a shower. I rang the GP that morning and got an appointment 5 days later. I went to the appointment and the practitioner wasn’t concerned but referred me anyway. 2 weeks later I was seen in the Jasmine Centre, after an examination she was unsure what it was, so I had a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy. I returned 4 days later with my husband John to be told I had grade 3 breast cancer and would need a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. It was a complete shock as I’m normally fit and healthy, I jog most days and it was just a week before Christmas. We were all shell shocked. I was seen 2 days before Christmas and was given a date for surgery. We decided not to tell my daughter Charlotte before Christmas, so we could maintain the magic of the day. Seeing her smile allowed us to smile through the tears of our own. 

We told her 3 days before the surgery that I had cancer, thankfully she took it in her stride, at least outwardly. I had the surgery in the middle of January and thankfully it went to plan. I received the results 3 weeks later and they said it hadn’t spread to the lymph nodes. I commenced with 6 cycles of chemotherapy at the beginning of march and finished on the 17th of June. I am awaiting radiotherapy which I’m told will start over the next few weeks of me penning this write up for EvesTrust. My husband and daughter have been amazing and have had to sacrifice a lot. They have not been able to go to watch their favorite football team, my husband has not been able to see his older children and grandchildren. Charlotte has not been able to see family and friends and not been able to go to her friend’s birthday parties, but most regrettably, she was unable to have a big party herself, something which we had planned previously. Neither of them has complained once and am so grateful and lucky that I have had them to help me through this. The love of a family gives you the strength to face whatever is to come.

This is where EvesTrust came in, as they made my little girls dream of going on the London eye, and so much more, come true. It has been a tough year for myself, my husband John and my daughter Charlotte. We are so grateful that the trust enabled this dream to come true, seeing my daughter smile so much meant the whole world to me, I cannot put it into words. It was an amazing weekend, which included a ride on the London eye and seeing the Lion King at the West End, which was absolutely amazing!! 

We are all so grateful for being given this opportunity by this amazing charity. One thing is for sure, we know we will never forget our trip to London and the moment myself and John saw my daughter’s huge smile. Thank You x”

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