A Dream of a Mother & Grandmother

A smile, whether it’s one of your own or seeing it light up the face of a loved one, can be the most magical experience to cherish forever. The word Cancer can endanger those moments, but finding it again, if only briefly, can mean the world entirely. The following story is of Wendy Thorpe, a mother and grandmother:

“In April this year we were given the devastating news that my mum Wendy had terminal cervical cancer and was given just 3-6 months to make new memories. The only wish mum had was her to have a day with all the family, together in one place, having fun, smiling like the sad news hadn’t happened. She wanted to see her grandchildren smiling, having fun, and enjoying a bouncy castle, without a care in the world.

Thanks to Evestrust, they made this wish come true. Not only did they organise for our family to come together and have a full day of laughter and fun, but they went above and beyond, organising a bouncy castle, catering, and games. Mum had a wonderful day surrounded by us all. Seeing her smile, lighting up her face, was the best wish we could have asked for and something I, and I know the rest of my family, will remember for some time…Thank you so much EvesTrust, for making my mums day”

Sadly Wendy passed away at the beginning of October. Our love and thoughts are with her family and friends.

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