Dylanne's play area

A families Dream for their little girl to play safely in the garden

Dylanne and familyDylanne Gates, daughter of Leigh Robinson, is loveable 7yr girl from Cantley who unfortunately suffers with a rare condition by the name of medulloblastoma. The condition is a highly malignant primary brain tumour that affects just under 2 people per million per year Dylanne was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma in October 2010 when she was just 4 years old. Even at such a young age Dylanne’s treatment would include a 12 hour operation which was swiftly followed by 4 months of intensive chemo, 6 weeks of twice a day radiotherapy & then a year of maintenance chemo.

After Dylanne’s brave battle through her treatment she has now been left with a number of obstacles to overcome in the future, including, learning difficulties, eye sight problems, co-ordination problems amongst many other things.

After discovering The Eve Merton Dreams Trust website on the internet and multiple other attempts for assistance, Leigh registered a heartfelt yet simple request to the charity. The request was a simple one, Leigh would love Dylanne to have a safe place for her to play on the trampoline with her pet dog and partner in crime, Iris. To achieve this Leigh and Dylanne would need to have a gate and fence built around the garden to allow around the garden to eliminate any danger from the nearby busy road.

Dylanne’s grandma, Linda Robinson also plays a huge part in looking after Dylanne, and to show her gratitude to the band of Eve’s Trust helpers, she made sure none of them went without water on what was one of the hottest days of the year.

This dream is only possible because of the amazing people that help raise money for the Eve Merton Dreams Trust…..You, so we hope you feel proud for the part you have played in this, because of your efforts in supporting what we do, little Dylanne can enjoy her garden, playing with her dog. On the other side, all her family, including Leigh & Linda, have peace of mine knowing Dylanne is safe and happy and getting on with the life of a beautiful little girl.

We look forward to completing our next dream and making somebody else smile. A very special thank you goes out to our volunteers Kirby Hennigan, Steve Easton, Scott Fareham and Lewis Smith who gave up the Saturday with their families to help, and also to (name) for providing all the tools and machinery needed for free and all the materials at cost.

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