The aim of the charity has always been to fight the negative mental health impact caused by Cancer, for both patient and family. COVID-19 has made this battle even harder, while also highlighting just how important the mental health benefits of a Dream can be. 

We currently live in scary uncertain times but this is magnified by 10 for anybody dealing with Cancer conditions during the pandemic. Treatments are being delayed, shielding causes isolation and hospitals have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of GP and specialist appointments, resulting in a projected spike of confirmed Cancer diagnosis once the COVID battle is won and an increase to the numbers of people in the community needing our support. 

Throughout the pandemic we have worked hard to ensure we can still provide Dreams to local families, both during and after the pandemic, while putting ALL measures in place to follow government guidelines. Below you will see evidence of just why this is key:


I was diagnosed with bowel cancer on the 24 May 2019, I was scared!, and as you can imagine the news hit me with a huge shock. My condition quickly worsened, leaving me in a sever amount of pain, feeling incredible unwell, and for 3 weeks the pain was so bad and couldn’t go to toilet without coming close to fainting.  We had already booked a family holiday to Wales in August, but I couldn’t go as I was having chemotherapy at the time. My whole life had been turned upside down by Cancer, the pain was so bad at times I couldn’t get off the sofa. I would not be able to have the operation I needed until February 2020, but luckily my best friend and family has been there to support and look after me every day, listening to me cry and helping me with normal day to day life that we all take for granted, things like getting my shopping and just being there to be a mum and a grandparent.


Evestrust came to me with an opportunity to feel normal again, to have a mental break from all the recent negativity, to just get back to being me. The idea of just being somewhere with a different set of walls and opportunity to relax filled me with joy. The break at the EvesTrust “Caravan of Dreams “at Coastfields, gave me everything I needed, it allowed me to be me and not be a Cancer patient I have been for so long. I felt it was deserved and even though the weather wasn’t good at times the caravan had everything we could need to entertain ourselves. Obviously due to COVID-19 the site entertainment was not on, but just being away from it all felt good and allowed me to relax knowing the charity has done everything over and above to meet all COVID-19 protections.


I was able to spend time laughing with my best friend and make fantastic memories with my children and granddaughter as she had never been to sea side, they are special moments to share in a young child’s life. The break allowed my kids to see there mum laughing again which I feel they needed as well. The caravan was close to the entrance of the park which was good as walking can still be a struggle, plus the caravan had enough space for use all and full of light and sunshine, perfect to help with my anxiety. 


I believe what this charity has given me is a amazing, the feelings, the emotions, the memories, they cannot be put into words. It gave me hope that while going through my struggles with fear, pain and a psychological issue, it was a light at the end or nearly the end, of the Tunnel. 


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allow us to have a break and that the caravans was so nice.x

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