Hospital Patients connected for Christmas and beyond

OneCall Insurance and Ninehundred Communications Group help Eve Merton Dreams Trust deliver iPads and internet connection for Ward 18 at Doncaster Royal Infirmary

A Christmas Dream That Keeps On Giving for Patients on Ward 18 at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.


During last year’s Dream Request for Jodie Hawke (read Jodie’s story) the Trust were made aware of a wider problem on Doncaster Royal Infirmary’s Haematology Ward (Ward 18), something that the Trust wanted to help with.

Many of the patients on the ward stay for long periods, sometimes a number of months as they complete treatment. The nature of the treatment and the risk infection procedures in place mean that patients can become very isolated and miss the contact with loved ones and the ability to do things in a digital age that we all take for granted.

The Nurses on Ward 18 approached the Trust with an idea that, if it were possible, could greatly enhance the ability of their patients to get closer to family and friends and do some of the things they were currently unable to do – things such as browse the internet, see and talk to family and friends or shop for gifts at Christmas and other celebrations.

Internet connectivity was not yet available throughout the hospital so the Nurses question was, “Could the Trust provide a means to make this happen?”

Whilst these days we take internet connections for granted at home, in a hospital setting there would be challenges to meet this request. However, that’s what we do. We make Dreams happen. Working with the Hospital and some of the Trust’s partners we came up with a plan not to just bring in an internet connection but to provide wireless access and portable devices.

One Call Insurance have carried out a massive, ongoing fundraising effort for the Trust that meant a budget was available to provide the equipment. The Mobile and Data Division at Ninehundred Communications Group committed to bring in an internet connection for the Ward.

For those patients on Ward 18 that will be missing their families and friends this Christmas, they will now have access to the use of an iPad Air and an internet connection that will allow them to do their own Christmas shopping and, importantly, utilising Skype they will be able to get in touch with loved ones, watch excited children open their presents and feel part of the celebrations and joy it can bring.

On a recent visit to the Hospital with our Charity Partners, Kayleigh Sutton, a Ward 18 Nurse said:


Kayleigh Sutton, Ward 18 Nurse said, “I’ve been in with a patient who’s using one of the iPad’s today. She’s been face timing her sons and skyping her sister abroad, it’s the first time since she’s been in I’ve seen her smiling and laughing!! Seeing her chatting away laughing, smiling and playing games on it has been lovely. It’s so nice to be a part of this side of things for the patients! So thank you from me”.

The iPads and connectivity are in place ready for Christmas which was an important milestone for the Trust but the legacy from this Dream will be that dozens, if not hundreds of cancer patients staying on Doncaster Royal Infirmary’s Haematology Ward will be able to benefit not just this Christmas but for the future, at any time.

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