Dreaming of a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show

A granddad’s lifelong dream to visit the Chelsea Flower Show

6 months ago my Granddad was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer, we are a very close family and it hit us very hard. He begun on monthly injections to stop the release of testosterone to slow down the growth. At first he could leave his bed but after a few months he gradually started spending more and more time sitting in his chair. My grandma cares for him full time and we worry about her health also with all the stress , she used to visit friends and socialize but she feels a sense of guilt leaving him. I wanted to raise money to fund them both to go to the Chelsea flower show and stay overnight so they can rest when they get too tired. If they could be granted a dream for this, it would mean the world to us all.

This request was granted and fully processed by the Trust, however due to ill health the caring grand-daughters request for her grand-parents could unfortunately not be fulfilled.

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