Jenny’s Dream Feeling Happy at Home

Feeling Happy at Home We all know our home is our castle, and when your going through treatment or recovery, you want that home to be as comfortable and relaxing as it possibly can be. During this time, the periods your forced to spend at home are multiplied as you either can’t go out, or your treatment dictates you staying in. This means any work you’ve been putting off may actually start to impact your day to day, and that should be the least of your worries. The below is Jenny’s story, in her own words, and just highlights how those little touches, can make the biggest difference: “My name is Jenny Wilson and on May 24th, 2019 my world came crashing down around me when I heard those words nobody wants to hear. I knew it already, as soon as I felt the lump I knew, woman’s instinct or whatever, when you know you know, and I knew. I still wanted it not to be true as I sat in the room waiting to be seen, but it was…… I’m 36 with 2 children living alone, working as a home-care worker and supporting my children as an independent woman and now facing, what in that moment, felt like a death sentence! “You have cancer in the breast” was all the information what I walked away with that day, then 11 days later I was told my type of cancer and the stage, the treatment plan and what happens next. I find it hard to talk about now, not sure why but I do, I will be starting counselling soon in the hope I can accept what has happened, how my life has changed and get some kind of closure. On the 28th January 2020 I was told I am in remission after a gruelling 8 months of treatment that included, 6 rounds of chemotherapy, 2 operations, countless stays in hospital, neutropenic sepsis and then sepsis, endless blood tests, cannula’s, bone scans, heart scans, radioactive injections, numerous 999 calls, horrendous side effects and reactions, plenty of steroids, diazepam and an endless supply of drugs. Amongst the visits to western park there was laughter, tears, fear, funeral planning, daughters 16th birthday for which I was in hospital … but that’s only half of the life and story that I lived. There was also grit, determination and most importantly my family and friends. They gave me the strength to always try and find a positive when there wasn’t any in sight, digging deep and finding my inner strength that I didn’t realise was there, never allowing myself to believe I could do anything other than beat this disease.. ALL of that that was part of the story to the last 8 months of my life. I’m proud to say I’m a survivor of cancer and as tough as it’s been to accept the changes, I wear my scars with pride and beginning to accept the new me!! So, then there was EvesTrust and where do I start. I was made aware of this charity during a stay in hospital, my nurse talked about some of the amazing things the team at the trust do and at first I couldn’t think of anything in particular I wanted to do as “a dream” as they call it. So, I filled in my application form and at the time all I would have hoped for was a nice relaxing place to be during my treatment and what better place than my home. Especially as that’s where I spend all my time now, I’m unable to work and recovering from treatment. Straight away EvesTrust wanted to make me as comfortable as possible presented themselves with much more of a personal touch than I expected. Clynton, from the charity, came to see me and instantly made me feel at ease, and between us, we come up with the idea to decorate my hallway. It was something that had annoyed me for ages, I’d always meant to do it but never got around it. As I’m in recovery now it certainly wouldn’t have been done anytime soon but…….it just looked so dull and not very inviting. The amazing Evestrust team had so many ideas and with their help we chose colours, carpet, laminate flooring, and lighting. In all honesty, and as strange as it sounds, it gave me a new lease of life, I couldn’t wait for it to be done, I was so excited. I know how silly it sounds but, this meant more to me than any weekend away or something like that. My children are aged 6 and 16 and they can fight like cat and dog, so I couldn’t think or anything worse than a non-relaxing holiday with these two fighting lol. This way we all got to enjoy our beautiful home and I didn’t have to lift a finger ha-ha. EvesTrust sent an amazing team of helpers. Duane Langham came and decorated and what an eventful few days that was, we had such a laugh. He was followed by carpet fitters and electricians and then Jim finished it off with the laminate. I then mentioned to Clynton about some issues with my downstairs toilet (as you do in a general conversation ha-ha) and guess what. The charity arranged a plumber who came sort it. I couldn’t believe it, when the guy came and it was a lad I went to school with, again another amazing guy carried out the work in his own time, fixed the issue and did it all out the kindness of his heart. So, I just want to thank Clynton, Duane, Jim, Stuart and everyone else at EvesTrust for everything you have done, even down to a quick text checking how I am and if I’m ok. This charity seems to be full of amazing people doing amazing things for people like me, normal local people. What you have done has really changed the feeling I get when I walk in my house or come downstairs. It feels so warm and cosy and like a home and not just a house. We ALL love it!!” #DreamMaker

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