A Dream come true. Jodie and Santa

A True Christmas Story from Eve’s Trust

In the town of Doncaster there lived a young girl by the name of Jodie Hawke – age 6yrs. Now Jodie was like any little girl, she loved Christmas but unfortunately in late 2012 she had her Christmas turned upside down when her mum Joanne was diagnosed with Leukaemia (a type of Cancer of the blood). Joanne would go through months of chemotherapy and would unfortunately spend Christmas 2012 in hospital. Being the brave family they are they stuck together through the bad times and after receiving good news at the end of the treatment, they secretly looked forward to the future.

Unfortunately the families story doesn’t end there. After returning for a routine check-up, Joanne was given the terrible news that the Leukaemia had returned and she would spend her 2nd Christmas in hospital undergoing her 7th course of chemotherapy. Obviously concerned for little Jodie, Joanne’s partner Nigel made contact with our team at Eve’s Trust. Nigel knew all too well of Joanne’s obvious worries for her daughter having to see her mum laying in hospital rather than excitedly unwrapping presents together on Christmas morning.

After hearing such a heartfelt story, the team of Eve’s Trust quickly tried to arrange a little surprise for both mother and daughter by her hospital bed. This Christmas, little Jodie Moses would have a surprise visitor…….Santa came all the way from the North pole to deliver presents for a special little girl.

For Jodie and Joanne it brought a special kind of smile that cannot be described in words, during a time they both needed it the most. Joanne was able to witness her daughter happily opening presents with Santa Claus, and for a split second, the worry of Cancer was replaced with Christmas Joy……..

A phone-call from Joanne:

Joanne, calling from hospital said, “The Trust have made our Christmas!! My only Christmas wish this year was to be able to take my little girl to see Santa Claus, the hospital staff were able to let me out for an hour and a half at 10 o’clock one day last week, but when we got to the Santa’s grotto it didn’t open till 12….. We were both devastated.

Jodie is absolutely buzzing and all the hospital staff still haven’t stopped crying but I’m on such a high!! I really cannot tell you how happy you have made us. Jodie woke her Dad up this morning at half past 6 playing the music from the build a bear that Santa gave her ha-ha……

Thank You x

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