Lindsay’s flying Dream


After being diagnosed with colon cancer in June which resulted in me having my colon removed and a stoma replacing my bowel. I was nominated by Elements MediSpa where I worked to Evestrust.

Claire Bull called to my home after I returned from my operation and was recovering, she asked me if I had a dream I would like fulfilling and I began telling her that before I was diagnosed with cancer my husband and I had booked Christmas in New York and I was determined to be well enough to still go. I then told her that I have always wanted to see the sights of New York from a helicopter, this was my dream.

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Claire then went about sorting it all out and not only was I going to fly in a helicopter she arranged it through Evestrust that I would be flying the helicopter myself for a part of the flight. So on a clear sunny December morning 2016 I flew a private helicopter around Manhattan and surrounding areas thanks to the fantastic charity and amazing organisation of Claire and the staff of Elements.


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