Love is more than a Dream

We are all guilty of not making the most of our time or taking time for granted. Sadly COVID-19 is a huge unforeseen drawback to that, as lockdowns and social distancing are forcing delays to our lives. Below is a story of ‘Love’ and how a couple currently managing Cancer treatment, are making the most of that time together. The following story is about Mark Steedon and written by Marks new wife Dawn:

“It may sound odd but a number of years ago I had my cards read, fortune teller type stuff. The lady described Mark to a T, she told me I would marry again, and my key year was my 43rd.

So, as I was approaching my 44th birthday I was joking with friends that I wanted my money back ha-ha. I was working in William Hills when I met Mark and it was January. He was this typical bloke who never took his glasses with him, trying to read his football coupon with little success. So, I asked him, “Do you want to borrow mine?”.  The look on his face was priceless. He wasn’t sure if I was taking the mickey or not.  He started to come into the shop regularly and chatting.  Then penny dropped when he asked me “Is it just you and your sons at home”, that he was chatting me up.

He then put his football bet on, passed me the money then handed me a betting slip with his number on, and shot out of the shop like Usain Bolt. My manager was at the door and said, “see u next time” to which Mark replied, “not if she knocks me back” ha-ha.

We began just texting at first until Mark got a case of cold feet. Then, right at the end of February, he sent me a joke (he says accidentally, I’m not so sure).  He took me to the cinema on the 3rd March and again took me out on the 5th, I knew after the second date he was for me.  I turned 44 on the 7th March, so the card lady had been spot-on.

Mark took me abroad for the first time in my life, we went to Lanzarote and I fell in love with the place, we’ve been back several times. He always makes me walk for miles, so I have hiking sandals now.

So, when Mark was diagnosed with cancer for the first time it was terrifying.  He needed to have a huge operation, lasting 6 hours I believe.  He used to phone me in the middle of the night saying they were “roughing him up”. They were just trying to give him a bed bath, but he wouldn’t let them touch his unmentionables. He had me and his daughter changing his underwear, which was like a Chinese puzzle as he had wires coming out of everywhere.  Lauren was mortified, “that is more of my dad than I ever want to see”.  After the operation he was supposed to take 6 months off work, but typical Mark only took 2. 

When he found the lump in his neck, Mark finally called the docs who referred him to the hospital for a biopsy.  It was devastating.  We couldn’t believe the Cancer had come back. Chemotherapy started in January but in March it was stopped due to the height of COVID-19, with the doc saying it wasn’t working.  They then moved to give him a 5-day course of radiotherapy, followed by monthly Herceptin.  They didn’t make it clear to us until May, but sadly Marks condition was terminal. That news brought on all kinds of emotions for us all, sadness, fear, but one of those emotions was a desire to be together. We wanted to get married………but always thought we had more time.

Our Dream day was amazing. My sister and my youngest son were our witnesses and Glyn facetimed my best friend of 34 years into the ceremony (COVID restrictions). She was delighted I was marrying a great guy like Mark; my first marriage was not the healthiest.

So, after the ceremony which Vicky did beautifully, she asked if I would be taking Mark’s name to which my friend Hazel shouted “YES!”. Hazel was wearing full wedding regalia, despite only attending via facetime, including the hat by the way ha-ha. Due to everything happening in the world, restrictions etc, we went back to my sister Debs & Martin Flower for our reception. Andy, the EvesTrust photographer, is amazing and such a lovely man, he even got my sister’s pug, “Buddy”, posing for photographs too……cannot wait to see the pictures.

My mum and EvesTrust provided the champagne, which enabled us to celebrate properly. Our wedding cake was beautiful and supplied by ‘Coll Pearson’, I can’t thank her enough it was amazing. We gave everyone at the reception a slice of the top tier, it was so delicious my mam took the rest of the tier home for her and my stepdad. We brought the bottom tier home and shared it with my sons and their friends, however Clifford, our rescue dog, helped himself to the last bit!

I cannot thank everyone at EvesTrust enough, I wake up every morning and say to Mark, “Morning husband”, it’s all I ever wanted to be, his wife. Time is precious, make it count.”

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