A Dream may only last a moment, but that moment can have such a huge impact to both patient and family, the memories can last a lifetime. During a time of such struggle, mentally and physically, one of the most important things can be the memories we share.

This is Mo’s story:
“My mum, Maureen (preferably Mo) is a 59-year-old mother of two, myself (Rachel 40) and my brother Bryn who is no longer with us. She has three grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

My mum discovered she had cancer of the breast in February. It was a major blow to the family as she has been fit and healthy all her life. She has walked the three peaks, coast to coast and even the in south of France.

She has undergone a course of chemotherapy which has seen her have a lot of side affects.

She has recently had a mastectomy and is currently recovering from that while still receiving treatment at the wonderful chatsfield suite every three weeks. There is an expectation that she will also need to have radiotherapy. So, the treatment journey doesn’t appear to have finished just yet.

My mum has been an absolute trooper through all of this and, as expected, has been stronger than anyone thought possible.
In-between all the appointments etc. It was a perfect time to have a much-needed mental break from the day to day of the Cancer treatment. EvesTrust helped us fulfil that break as we were able to travel to Scotland to watch the military tattoo for my mum. It gave us some time to enjoy together and forget about all of the cancer talk and appointments for just a moment. It was a magical time and something that we will both be grateful of for as long as we live.

Thank you very much EvesTrust. You have given me and my mum memories of a lifetime

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