Scarlett’s Christmas Dream

☃️☃️ Scarlett’s Christmas Dream ☃️☃️

December is here and we know you’re all looking to enjoy the festive season the best way you can. Last Christmas we were lucky enough to provide some Christmas joy to an amazing local family. It is the season of good will, a magical time for most and unfortunately a difficult time for others. This Dream we were fortunate enough to help a family who has experienced both ends of the scale. Please read about Scarlett and her magical Dream:

“It was around a week before Xmas 2015, when, following a 3 month period of deteriorating health, we received the devastating news that Scarlett, then 8, almost certainly had bone cancer. This was followed on Xmas eve by a bone biopsy at the Royal Orthopedic Hospital in Birmingham and then an almost two week wait before Scarlett’s illness, Ewing Sarcoma, was confirmed in early January. Fortunately, we made it back home for Xmas with Scarlett’s two brothers but it was very difficult time. Scarlett’s cancer treatment spanned the whole of 2016, comprising 14 rounds of chemotherapy (the last in December 2016), a 9 week trip to Oklahoma USA, to receive proton therapy and in September 2016, major surgery to her pelvis to remove the affected bone which left her unable to walk for several months.


Scarlett’s bravery and the way she coped with her illness and treatment was an inspiration. Her wish was to have a magical Xmas with her family to erase the memory of the previous year and also mark the end of her cancer treatment and the start of her recovery. It’s with huge thanks to EvesTrust, Scarlett and the family were able to spend 4 days over last Xmas in the magical setting of Center Parcs Xmas wonderland, which was fantastic! It provided a very welcome break where Scarlett and her brothers were able to enjoy a visit to see Santa and his reindeers, to have breakfast with Santa and see a hilarious Xmas pantomime. While Scarlett wasn’t well enough to go swimming, it was great for her brothers who had also endured a very difficult year. The charity also very generously provided some fantastic gifts for the boys including signed Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo football shirts which they loved. We’ll be forever grateful to the charity & their team, especially Shiree, for all they did to make Xmas 2016 special for Scarlett and all of our family.”


As part of Scarlett’s dream we have to say a few thanks of our own, especially to the amazing people of OneCall Insurance. Dreams like this would not be possible without the support of the Doncaster people and the likes of the staff at OneCall Insurance. They fundraise all year round to allow us to make Dreams like this possible.

During this Dream we tried to cover all angles to make Christmas special. The family would enjoy an exclusive, specialized & accessible lodge, equipped with welcome board, food hamper, Christmas tree and decorations. As the story mentioned, we arranged for Scarlett and her brothers, one of which her twin brother, to meet and join Santa for breakfast before enjoying a special pantomime on Christmas Eve.

However the Dream didn’t stop there, as on Christmas Day we arranged for the rest of Scarlett’s family, Grandma, Grandad and other relatives, to join them for Christmas Dinner. Plus…..Christmas Day wouldn’t be Christmas Day without sacks of presents.

So, from everybody at EvesTrust, we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and for those who are facing their own battles, whether it be treatment or the memories of loved ones passed, Our thoughts and love are with you this festive season xXx.

So how is Scarlett doing now?….Beautiful Scarlett has been in remission now for 10 months and went back to school in September ? ? ⛄️

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