The Dream of a Family Man

One of the key things the current pandemic has raised, is the importance of extended family time and the ability to share some time together, to relax and enjoy. The below Dream is about a family man, dealing with a Cancer condition during a worldwide pandemic, that just wishes to share his time with the people that matter most. This is a story about Allen Brown, Please Read….


“Before Allen’s diagnosis and COVID-19 pandemic, the family always talked about landscaping the garden, so they had somewhere nice to sit and spend some quality time together. 

Once Allen was diagnosed with terminal Bowl, Liver and Stomach lining Cancer, he was placed on vulnerable shielding due to COVID-19, so all available monies needed to be allocated to bills and general living expenses. Meaning the landscaping Dream had to remain a pipedream with the situation forcing us to focus on other priorities. 

Throughout his life Allen has always put others first and has always been a true hero to his wife Nicola, daughter Alicia, son Connor, as well as his three grandchildren Ada, Vinnie and Edie. Everybody lucky enough to know the man, knows he never asks for anything and despite the heart-breaking news he received with his diagnosis, he just continues on like a trooper, asking for nothing for himself. 


Sadly, the doctors gave Allen a very short time frame due to the extent of his condition and we wanted to do anything we could, as soon as we could, to help Allen enjoy the time he had left. The crazy times in the world today has limited the ways for Allen and his family to create those vital memories and embrace every minute they have left together. This is where EvesTrust came in as we were looking at trying to get the garden landscaping completed as soon as possible, giving the family a nice space they can enjoy together, relax, have fun and add some vital relief to the enforced shielding.

Allen is an ex-military man and we had some willing former colleague’s volunteering to help with the labour. We were asking if EvesTrust could help us to make this dream come true for this most deserving family.”


The charity received the above Dream request for Allen and looked to do all we could to make this Dream a reality, despite the current pandemic and condition related time restrictions. Sarah and Allen’s friends had already arranged their time to fulfil the DIY SOS style landscaping job, while we as a charity assisted financially and with vital materials to get the job done.

So we could 100% meet all the existing medically enforced social distancing requirements, we also arranged to have Allen and his good wife Nicola put up at the amazing Van Dykes Hotel in Chesterfield for 2 nights, while the secret landscaping work was being completed at home. This booking included a suite upgrade with added treats and breakfast for the whole family on the 2nd morning, with the Van Dykes Hotel working closely with us to ensure all areas were fully sanitised and social distanced, eliminating all potential risks and allowing Allen to relax and create some fresh memories with his wife and family.

After the weekend stay came to an end, Allen came home to a beautiful new garden space.


Sadly, since this Dream was completed, Allen’s brave fight with Cancer ended just one week ago today, so we post his story to honour his memory.

During this time, as a charity, we would like to wish our deepest condolences to Nicola and Allen’s children & grandchildren. Our thoughts are with all of Allen’s family and friends in this difficult time. We hope the above Dream allowed some peace and joy during Allen’s final days. xXx


#DreamMaker #StaySafe


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