The Rock Family Day Out

Rock Family Day Out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

I would just like to thank Eve’s Dreams for the fantastic day they organised for ‘the rock family’ Emma was diagnosed with a brain tumour soon after the birth of their second child, with so much time in hospital the young family have had little opportunity to have that special time together. The news isn’t great for Emma’s health and now even more so their strength and positive nature to create as much joy they can is overwhelming. I felt I just needed to give them a hand in another memory to treasure! Eve’s Dreams helped that come true!!!

Heather Griffiths (Family friend)

After hearing Emma & Phil’s story we jumped at the chance to get involved. Unfortunately due to Emma’s condition she wasn’t able to venture to far from the hospital but this was something The Yorkshire Wildlife Park were more than happy to help with.

We wanted more than anything to make their family day out as special and as memorable as possible for all involved. We arranged to have the family picked up in a top of the range Bentley and brought to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park, there they would be met by our Co. Founder, Clynton, Sarah, who was the Wildlife Park Ranger / Guide and their very own photographer Erica to ensure the whole day was captured.

The family would enjoy a custom made VIP experience allowing Emma, Phil & the beautiful children the chance to get up close and personal with many of the park’s animals. They’d also enjoy a specially made picnic at the park whilst letting the kids choose their own cuddly toy from the gift shop to remember their day.

We hope the experience left the family with happy memories to cherish during the upcoming days, months & years, but to help with that we aim to present Emma & Phil with a memories photo album to look back on whenever they wish.

A lovely family that we hope enjoyed a lovely day.

Thanks must go out to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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