The story of June and Henry

Layla was diagnosed with leukaemia ALL aug 18 2020

Layla had been staying down with my mum in newqauy to allow me to re open my salon on 4th july 2020 after we had been closed with covid. While she was there she had complained about pains in her legs which we put down to growing pains and lots of walking with her grandma. The week before layla was diagnosed i went to to collect her and have a few days holiday, we enjoyed days out etc and on the Thursday i had paid for a private surf lessson which she loved for 2 hours . 

The friday morning she woke complaining of ear ache , i put this down to the sea water . Saturday morning we ended up at doctors down there to find no infection or inflammation in the ear so when needed we gave calpol . We were advised to go to the dentist on our return home which we did, he also found nothing.  Then after seeing our local nurse practitioner paul he couldnt see anything but to send for blood tests. The following day tuesady tests were done and within  a couple of hours the doctors rang me and said go straight to Doncaster hospital.  We were told then it was possible leukaemia and to be at Sheffield children’s hospital at 8am the following morning . It was confirmed and our whole changed . Intense treatment begun and with covid restrictions i had to be on my own with layla which was very difficult. As we worked through the weeks of the plan layla spent alot of time in bed at home or hospital and with the combination of that and a chemo call vincristine this made it very difficult to walk . She then had to have serial casting to try stretch her muscles which failed and all this time layla was having to sleep downstairs in what was a dinning room . Last sept layla had surgery on her legs and then casts for 6 weeks . She continued to sleep downstairs and obviously we made it as nice as possible , local people and local builders built a downstairs bathroom for her . She is now is splints and is able to get upstairs . This is where weve made a massive difference to layla by granting her wish to redecorate and update her bedroom , she spends alot of time there and she wanted it to be her special place again with all the things she loves . She now has this and its all down to you all at eves trust . We would like to thank you all . Layla is still currently on treatment so this bedroom makeover has made a massive difference to her . Thankyou

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