When Families Get To Relax

A popular Dream request for us is break away for a family, and we understand why its so important. Cancer doesn’t just impact a patient physically, it can also have an impact to the mental health of both the patient and all the surrounding families. All of our Dreams are designed to help fight this mental health nightmare in various different ways, because a smile and great memories give us the strength to fight back. This is a real story: “My name is Susan Skinner and I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin lymphoma in April 2019. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and changed how you look at life. I have had 6 months of chemotherapy, something that has been so hard for myself and my family. They’ve had to see me go through this, the good and the bad, but I have always tried to stay strong. I just thought, I will beat this! When I was told about EvesTrust, knowing that they could make a Dream come true, I was so thankful and so happy. The thought of being able to have a break away after the six months of treatment, a chance to be normal again and enjoy time with my family, its hard to describe what that meant. My Dream was to include a trip to Cornwall, to relax, to enjoy the added perks such as a hot tub…..EvesTrust made it happen. This November, EvesTrust made my dream come true. They granted me a week in Cornwall and I loved every second of it. Thank you so much to all at EvesTrust for letting me have a lovely week away but also I’d like to thank anybody else who has raised money, donated time, nominated this charity, your efforts really make the difference for people and families like mine.”  We also received the amazing news this week that Susan has been given the all clear. #DreamMaker #HowCanYouHelp #EvesCommunity[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”78″ gal_title=”When A Family Gets To Relax – Susan Skinner”]

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