A Family Fights, a Loving Wife, Mother & Grandmother

When helping so many families who are impacted by cancer, its inevitable we come across a request close to home. Yvonne is the mother of one of our lovely volunteers and she is currently fighting her 2nd diagnosis of Cancer, the following is a write up from both Yvonnes husband and daughter. We were honoured help Yvonne smile, enjoying special trips with her family.

Yvonnes daughter Claire shared her story with Evestrust and her mums dream, “I started working as a dream’s coordinator for Evestrust in 2013 shortly after the first time my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were very thankful at this time that it had been caught early and my mum was treated and cured. However, seeing what my mum went through, drove my passion to want to help others.

I never ever imagined that one day my family would be on the receiving end of the amazing work that evestrust does. But, sadly in June last year, my lovely mum was given the devastating news that she again, has breast cancer. This time at a more advanced stage where it can’t be cured.

After hearing of my mum’s heartbreaking news and the life long battle she faces, my friends at Evestrust were so lovely and encouraged us to apply for a dream for her. They instantly wanted to help her and my family to smile.

The charity organised for my mum and dad to have a break away together to London and to watch a show. Something my mum and dad have always loved. I know from doing dreams for other people that having something to look forward to, during such a difficult time, was so important and I saw it with my mum .

To begin with she kept saying she was worried as she didn’t want to cost the charity any money, and she didn’t want to put anyone out. This is Something I’ve heard many times when sat with people who have been forwarded for dreams. However, that’s the reason the charity exists and why all the volunteers do all the hard work they do. Once my mum was reassured over her worries, she was so excited and she smiled again. She had something to look forward to and something good to focus on. She was so grateful to Evestrust.

Yvonnes husband Keith shared, “Supporting my wife, who has been diagnosed with cancer on two separate occasions and has now been advised her secondary cancer cannot be cured; has been, by far, the most painful and challenging part of my life.

Nothing can prepare you for watching the person you love most in the world suffer from repeated pain and suffering. Knowing there is absolutely nothing you can do take away their pain.

The Evestrust Charity was set up by two amazing people who themselves felt the pain caused by losing a family member to cancer after a long battle.

By providing the opportunities the Eves Trust Charity do, for families suffering from cancer; to forget their troubles for a short time… I am simply lost for words as to the positive impact their work is having.

My personal gratitude will never end for the help EvesTrust have provided my wife and I. Whilst cancer remains incurable, the support Eves Trust Charity provides is simply invaluable. Many, many thanks for all your hard work you are diamonds among us…”

Claire continued, “My parents and they had the best time in London, they made some memories that neither of them will ever forget. On top of doing this fantastic break for my parents, Evestrust also organised for our whole family to have a day out at Yorkshire wildlife park. We have always been an incredibly close family and my mum adores each one of her grandchildren. To have that one day out with our family meant the world to my mum. To all of us.

Medicine is of course so important when battling with cancer, but I strongly think that happiness and joy is equally important. Evestrust provides not only happiness and joy to people who deserve it the most but also everlasting memories for cancer patients and their whole families.

Thank you so much xx“

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