EPIC Event Set For Finale

Posted on 09/18/2015

An Epic Event


Saturday 19th September, inside the Keepmoat Stadium, will see the EPIC finale to a truly gruelling event


As a nation we all cheered as comedian John Bishop completed his “Week of Hell” cycling from Paris to Calais, rowing the channel & then running to London. We all held our breathe as popular TV presenter Davina McCall ventured “Beyond Breaking Point” in her 500 mile triathlon from Edinburgh to London, But now we have our own local heroes conquering a mammoth task!!

Clynton Johnson, 38yr old charity co. Founder and Claire Bull (42) are about to complete their 8th Marathon in just 6 days, an incredible 210 Miles. They’ll finish their final marathon by completing a lap of the Keepmoat pitch in front of the fantastic Doncaster Rovers fans before the Rovers vs Oldham Athletic home game (scheduled between 14:00 – 14:15)


Marathon Madnes final push to the Keepmoat


Along the route it hasn’t been all plain sailing, they’ve battled the weather as well as personal injury but managed to maintain a level of steely determination. In fact as they stand face to face with Saturdays 6am start, Claire is having treatment for liotibial Band Syndrome (inflamed ligament that runs down the thigh from the hip), a swollen Achilles and suspected damage to ligaments in her knee. Clynton on the other hand will be carrying a suspected hair line fracture and tendon damage in his right foot, ligament strain in his knee and a sever knotting of the muscle in his shoulder…….so, just another 26.2 miles to go.

I’m sure you’ll all agree this is some feat and deserves the grand finale. We’re calling on any local supporters of the charity to cheer on the duo from outside the stadium as they arrive, then all the fantastic Rovers supporters from the Black Bank and throughout to give them a tremendous ovation as they enter the stadium.

Keepmoat Stadium, 14:00 – 14:15 Saturday 19th September


Here’s a few of our images from Marathon Madness week so far…



Marathon Madness 1 - Trax FM
Marathon Madness 2
Marathon Madness 3
Marathon Madness 4
Marathon Madness 4
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Marathon Madness 8
Marathon Madness 9
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Marathon Madness 12
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Marathon Madness 16
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Marathon Madness 18
Marathon Madness 19

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