Fundraising passes £100,000.00!

Posted on 08/26/2014

**Breaking News**

£100,000 Raised by The Eve Merton Dreams Trust!!


This week we’re proud to say we have reached a very big milestone for our little charity, we have passed the £100,000 raised mark!

Now that is a fantastic amount of money that everyone at the Trust is very proud of, not to mention how proud Eve herself would have been!!

When you take into account that the charity was only formed in June 2011 and started from an idea over a couple of pints, it makes it even more amazing!

A couple of full time working “Average Joes”, one a plumber and one an employee of BT, fuelled by the loss of a loved one and the desire to help other Doncaster people, set out on a mission.

Since then they’ve been joined by a loyal band of volunteers, not all of which knew Eve Merton but all embraced her story and the goal of the Trust’s founders. All of the charity team give up their spare time for FREE and have been essential as we continue to grow.

We’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank all our team, our followers, our supporters and everybody who’s played their part, however small. Our charity could not do what we do without you or help the people we have helped.

Now on to 200k and above!!


Love from everyone at Eve’s Trust xXx

In the memory of Eve Merton x


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