Lilli May Fun Run Event

Posted on 08/20/2014

In May 2014 one of our community leaders came to us with news that broke our hearts

News came about a little girl who was no stranger to us after we had recently met whilst as part of a dream for her Grandma and Grandad.

Lilli May is 2 years old

After noticing something wasn’t quite right Lilli’s mum took her to see a doctor about her eyes. They were sent to the hospital to be seen by the eye specialist and was later given the devestating news that Lilli May was suffering with a condition called ‘retinoblastoma’.

This condition is a form of cancerous tumours which can be found in one or both eyes and sadly in Lilli’s case they were found in both eyes, so severe in one eye that her sight had been completely taken and sight in her other eye was very limited due to the positioning of the tumours.

Lilli  and family had a difficult 6 months ahead of them and with that in mind we wanted to give them something exciting and fun to look forward to, and hopefully help them get through the tough days.

So we decided we wanted to try and raise enough money to send Lilli with her Mum and Dad to Disney Land Paris at the end of her chemotherapy treatment. Obviously we needed some additional, Lilli May specific, fundraising as a Dream of this magnitude was outside the Trusts limits and guidelines. So…, after some more brainstorming we decided that a sponsored fun run, “Fun Run for Lilli May” would be perfect.

So we opened up the event to a maximum of 100 runners to step forward to help Lilli May and step up they did!

Picture of warming up for Lilli May Fun RunOn Sunday August 10th, despite the weather being an obstacle with it’s torrential rain, thunder and flash floods, 51 runners turned up and took part in the fun run at Doncaster Lakeside.

They all gave everything they had, determined and defiant in the face of our English summer weather. Everyone was there for one reason, Doncaster people helping Doncaster people!

Picture of Lilii May Fun Run indoor activitiesAfter the fun run, the Cheswold Pub’s Manager, Kevin Wilson had offered to hold an additional fundraising day for Lilli. However, due to the weather our plans had to be moved indoors. Again, undeterred and with the help of the amazing people at the Cheswold Pub, Lakeside, we made it work. A tombola stall, some fantastic live music in the fun factory and a suprise visit from Peppa Pig rounded off a great event. The Cheswold continued their support by asking parents of the children that played in the play area to make a donation instead of paying the regular cost.

All in all we believe the day was a huge success!! ………..Despite Lilli being in the middle of her treatment she was still there looking as adorable as ever wearing her heart stopping smile. We just hope we can give her everything she wants in exchange for her bravery.

Thank you to all involved and we will update totals as soon as we know…


In the meantime, take a look at some pictures taken on the day…


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