Imogen Gets Her Wendy House

Imogen's House

Hi, my name is Clair and I live in Skellow Doncaster.

I’ve just been looking through the charities profile and I am amazed how you help people that are going through a rough time. Helping bring smiles to people’s faces, it’s such a lovely thing to do.  My friend Tracy Brodie told me to contact you as you might be able to help me.

On the 30th of August 2014 while on holiday, my little girl became unwell. We were in Filey and drove 11 miles to the nearest hospital A&E department. After a four hour wait we got to see a door who carried out some blood tests. They then sat us down and told me my little girl Imogen aged 5 had leukaemia, (ALL) my whole world come crashing down as we were rushed to Sheffield’s children’s hospital to start treatment.

We’re now six months into our 2 and a half year treatment plan and Imogen is currently undergoing intense chemo.

I can’t believe how brave my little girl is I’m so proud of her.

Imogen will be 6 on the 6th of April and as you’re probably aware kids of that age want everything, the thing she keeps asking for is a tree house (she means a Wendy house) and a party with all her friends. I would of liked to give Imogen all these things but when she was diagnosed I had to go on sick from my full time job and Money is tight.

I just want to make this birthday special as she has been in an out of hospital for the last six months with infections, bugs and for her chemo. I was hoping The Eve Merton Dreams Trust could help me in any way as Wendy houses are expensive. If they knew anyone or anywhere that make them cheaper?

What happened next was incredible and something we will never forget.

The only way to share this is to look at her smiling face…



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