Walking the 84 mile Hadrian’s Wall Path

Posted on 09/05/2014

Starting in the early hours of 12th September, Steve and Craig are walking the 84 mile Hadrian’s Wall path – which runs the breadth of the country from Bowness-on-Solway on the West coast to Wallsend on the East coast – non stop in order to raise funds for the Trust.

If things go to plan they hope to do this in around 30 hours, however, depending on conditions, this could take much longer. Although they have both run a couple of marathons in the past, neither of them have undertaken anything like this before. With nothing more than a handful of 10 minute breaks to change socks and take on some food along the way, it looks like a challenge sure to push them to the edge of their physical and mental capabilities – and certainly well through the pain barrier.

As a long time supporter of the Trust, Steve is looking forward to raising as much money as possible and of course completing the challenge: “I have been involved with the Trust for a while now and have seen the fantastic work that they do to help add a little light during the darkest of times. Having known Eve personally for a lot of years, there’s no charity I would rather raise money for – and no one I would rather do this with than Craig. We’ve been friends for nearly 25 years and hopefully we can help each other through it and raise some money along the way. I hope to draw inspiration from the most important people to the Trust – all the people we help – as they struggle against a much harder challenge every day just to keep going. If they – like Eve did herself – can do what they do, day in and day out – surely I can walk for a day or 2! I’ll be honest though – as the date gets closer, I am starting to get a bit nervous about completing it, but we are both pretty determined and stubborn people and I’m sure if I start to have doubts Craig will drag me through it and vice versa!”

A slightly more steely Craig added: “We ARE finishing it, it’s as simple as that. However we manage it and as painful as it may be – physically and mentally – we will get to the end, even if we have to drag each other. Eve’s Trust is such a great cause so I’ll be delighted if we manage to raise a nice amount of money along the way and help as many local people as we can. I didn’t know Eve but like most people I know someone like her – a normal person, struck down by this awful disease. If me doing this walk can help someone going through this in any way, then I’ll be extremely proud.”

If you would like to sponsor Steve & Craig please go to their fundraising page on the link below. We will update once they have completed the challenge and let you know how they get on.



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