Winner of Fundraiser of the Year 2014

Posted on 11/04/2014

Picture of Pride in Doncaster Awards 2014 - Eve Merton Dreams Trust, winners of Fundraiser of the year 2014

Pride in Doncaster Awards 2014

On the Thursday 23rd of October 2014, The Eve Merton Dreams Trust team were proud to be chosen as a nominated finalist in “The Pride in Doncaster Awards 2014” for Fundraiser of the Year. The nomination meant the charity and it’s volunteers had been recognised for the 2nd year in a row after being a Highly Commended runner-up in 2013.

It was a proud moment as founders of the charity to be invited to the awards and to share it with our team of dedicated volunteers, who have given up their time and embraced our goals and dreams. It’s amazing to think that the work we do is making a difference for people that need it the most, people who are suffering the same ill effects my mother did.

The fact those people have taken the time to want to nominate us, despite everything they’re going through in their own lives… well that makes me smile. Just knowing we managed to turn the sad loss of losing my mother, Eve Merton, into something that is befitting of her memory, helping others suffering from the same thing, means we’re doing what we set out to do.

Winner of Fundraiser of the Year 2014 – The Eve Merton Dreams Trust

There were two nominations of the award this year, one of which being ourselves and the other being the amazing Hannah Brown.

In memory of Hannah BrownHannah’s story is a remarkable and extremely humbling one. After being diagnosed with a brain tumour as a teenager, Hannah refused to give up and let it beat her. Coining the phrase, “I’m a Warrior, not a Worrier” she set out in an attempt to raise as much money for “PACT – Parents Association of Children with Tumours and Leukaemia” as she could.

Not only that but her drive and determination led her to completing 2 of her GCSE exams just hours after a 2 hour biopsy operation on her brain… exams she would later pass with grade “B” standard. INCREDIBLE!!

Unfortunately Hannah Brown passed away on Wednesday the 22nd October 2014 aged 17, the day before the Awards. Amazingly, and in testament to her memory and fighting spirit, Hannah was represented at the Awards by her loving family. Hannah would deservedly pick up Awards for both “Bravery” & “Most Inspirational Person” in an emotionally charged Awards Ceremony.

It was truly an honour to even share a nomination with Hannah, her story further Inspired us to continue the work we do and where possible, double our efforts.

Hannah’s fight and dedication has to date led her to raising over £32,000 for “PACT” and we encourage all our followers to visit her JustGiving page and read her very humbling story.

Read Hannah’s Story

In memory of Hannah Brown


We’d like to take this moment to thank everybody who has supported the charity since we were established in 2011.

We’d also like to share how amazingly touched we were that some of you felt the need and took the time to nominate us for such an award. It’s a special moment for us and one we’d like to dedicate it to our loyal team of volunteers, who give up their time and enable us to put into action some of the things we do – without them there would not be Eve’s Trust.

Thank You one & all



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